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Corporate Profile

AMV was founded in 2004 to take compelling mobile content direct to consumers. Based in Marlow, 20 miles west of London, the company has thrived in the competitive direct to consumer (d2c) mobile content and services market place.

Ever since the company.s launch AMV has acquired it.s users through 100% channel advertising, whether it be print, TV, mobile internet or operator deck distribution, thereby owning the entire value chain from distribution, through content, billing and CRM and all achieved via in-house technology platforms. In 2011 the firm employs 50 people.

At launch the company specialised in providing video clips and games to the UK men.s market via mobile subscription offerings, but quickly diversified by launching brands such as Bling! and Mobile Mayhem, targeting male & female consumers with a broad range of content.

In 2005 AMV acquired Antiphony to spearhead an entry into the UK mobile dating market, and ended the year posting revenues of £3m.

In 2006 the company had launched d2c services into 5 European markets and Australia, mainly via print media and grown to 20 staff.

By 2007 the company had grown revenues to £15m per annum with strong profits, and launched d2c content services in South Africa. AMV were the 4th fastest growing UK technology company and featured in the Sunday Times Fast Track awards.

By 2008 AMV had re-engineered its business model to largely abandon print and TV advertising and approach the market predominantly via mobile internet advertising, becoming a pioneering partner of Google Mobile and the emerging mobile advertising networks, and key mobile network operators. Revenues expanded to £20m.

A sale of the business valued at $22m followed later in the year to US stock-listed digital media play Mandalay Media Inc.

After 18 months of ownership by Mandalay, AMV was taken back into private ownership by a US private equity firm together with the original founders. Back in private hands, AMV quickly acquired mobile digital retailing brand Chilli Mobile (www.mobilechilli.com) from K2 Media, to add the leading UK branded music and games brand to its stable.

AMV also made strategic investments in video-on-demand and mobile TV technology to enable full video streaming to smartphones and tablet devices.

Now in its eighth year of trading, AMV continues to lead mobile-internet distribution in markets such as the UK and South Africa, whilst launching new markets such as Brazil and expanding its overseas operations.

Having spent eight years self-marketing mobile content propositions and billing in over 15 world markets, AMV will shortly launch its own global mobile affiliate program (www.mobgains.com).

The company also has expansion plans for its social media offerings, a new quiz and poling platform, whilst maintaining a leadership position in its video-on-demand and mobile TV propositions distributed via the mobile internet.

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